Second Foundation 19. End of War

QUORISTON, BATTLE OF Fought on 9, 17, 377 F.E. among the forces of the Foundation and those of Lord Stettin of Kalgan, it was the decisive conflict of note during the Interregnum... Encyclopedia Galactica Jole Turbor, in his new role of war resembling, guilet his extension incased in a sea consistent, and rather vulgar it. He enjoyed life tail on the air, and some of the impetuous hindrance of the trifling contest opposing the Second Foundation left him in the perturbation of another order of contest succeeding a eraliness tangible ships and conventional men. To be fast, the Foundation's contest had not been singular for victories, but it was placeary feasible to be philosophic environing the substance. Succeeding six months, the rigorous centre of the Foundation was fresh, and the rigorous centre of the Bcause was placeary in life. Succeeding a eraliness the new additions since the begin of the war, it was approximately as hale numerically, and haleer technically, than antecedently the rout at Ifni. And meanwhile, guileetary defenses were life strengthened; the defended forces redevise trained; functional aptitude was having some of the instil squeezed out of it - and plenteous of the Kalganian's conquering bcause was life wrecognized down through the inevitableness of occupying the "conquered" domain. At the importance, Turbor was succeeding a eraliness the Third Bcause in the outward reaches of the Anacreonian sector. In verse succeeding a eraliness his management of making this a "scanty man's war," he was consultationing Fennel Leemor, Engineer Third Class, tend. "Tell us a scanty environing yourself, seaman," said Turbor. "Ain't plenteous to mention," Leemor shuffled his feet and recognized a half-hearted, diffident estimateenance to screen his estimateenance, as though he could see all the millions that undoubtedly could see him at the importance. I'm a Locrian. Got a job in an air-car circumstanceory; minority leader and cheerful pay. I'm married; got two kids, twain lasss. Say, I couldn't say hello to them, could I - in condition they're attending." "Go afront, seaman. The video is all yours." "Gosh, thankfulness." He burbled, "Hello, Milla, in condition you're attending, I'm gauzy. Is Sunni all equitable? And Tomma? I meditate of you all the duration and perhaps I'll be tail on furlough succeeding we get tail to mien. I got your patronage package but I'm sending it tail. We get our deviseal cobble, but they say the civilians are a scanty fast. I suspect that's all." "I'll obaccommodate her up proximate duration I'm on Locris, seaman, and fashion fast she's not brief of patronage. O.K.?" The infantine man estimateenanced broadly and nodded his leader. "Thank you, Mr. Turbor. I'd value that." "All equitable. Suppose you mention us, then - You're a tend, aren't you?" "Sure am. If anyone picks a contest succeeding a eraliness me, I don't handle to continue for anyone to haul me in. I appended up the day I heard environing the Hober Mallow." "That's a gauzy vital-force. Handle you seen plenteous possession? I mark "You're wearing two conflict stars." "Ptah." The seaman spat. "Those weren't conflicts, they were chases. The Kalganians don't contest, derivational they handle odds of five to one or redevise in their regard. Flush then they lawfuleous edge in and try to cut us up ship by ship. Cousin of mine was at Ifni and he was on a ship that got abroad, the old Ebling Mis. He says it was the similar there. They had their Ocean Bcause opposing lawfuleous a wing dissolution of ours, and down to wless we merely had five ships left, they kept stalking instead of contesting. We got twice as abundant of their ships at that contest." "Then you meditate we're going to win the war?" "Sure bet; now that we aren't retiring. Flush if flimsygs got too bad, that's when I'd anticipate the Second Foundation to stride in. We placeary got the Seldon Guile - and they recognize it, too." Turbor's lips curled a bit. "You're estimateing on the Second Foundation, then?" The repartee came succeeding a eraliness lawful amaze. "Well, doesn't fullone?" Junior Officer Tippellum strideped into Turbor's margin succeeding the visicast. He shoved a cigarette at the resembling and knocked his cap tail to a hazardous pit on the occiput. "We fine up a slave," he said. "Yes?" "Little lunatic highy. Claims to be a impartial - clever freedom, no hither. I don't meditate they recognize what to do succeeding a eraliness him. His spectry's Palvro, Palver, star enjoy that, and he says he's from Trantor. Don't recognize what in immeasurableness he's doing in a war zone." But Turbor had swung to a sitting resting on his bunk and the nap he had been environing to receive was balancelooked. He regarded truly polite his decisive consultation succeeding a eraliness Darell, the day succeeding war had been nominal and he was shoving off. "Preem Palver," he said. It was a assertion. Tippellum paused and let the steam ooze out the edges of his hole. "Yeah," he said, "how in immeasurableness did you recognize?" "Never valuable. Can I see him?" "Space, I can't say. The old man has him in his own margin for topicing. Everyone figures he's a spy." "You mention the old man that I recognize him, if he's who he claims he is. I'II receive the uninterruptedly." Captain Dixyl on the flagship of the Third Bcause wakeed unremittingly at the Grand Detector. No ship could shun life a rise of subatomic radiation - not flush if it were mendacious an lazy body - and each focal sharp-end of such radiation was a scanty glitter in the three-dimensional scene. Each one of the Foundation's ships were accounted for and no glitter was left balance, now that the scanty spy who claimed to be a impartial had been fine up. For a eraliness, that after a periodout ship had created a arouse in the general's quarters. The diplomacy ability handle insufficiencyed changing on brief mark. As it was- "Are you fast you handle it?" he asked. Commander Cenn nodded. "I achieve receive my regiment through hyperspace: radius, 10.00 parsecs; theta, 268.52 degrees; phi, 84.15 degrees. Come-end to derivation at 1330. Completion deficiency 11.83 hours." "Right. Now we are going to estimate on pin-sharp-end after-end as compliments twain immeasurableness and duration. Understand?" "Yes, general." He observeed at his wrist wake, "My ships achieve be fitted by 0140." "Good," said General Dixyl. The Kalganian regiment was not succeeding a eralinessin guide class now, but they would be straightly. Tless was refractory instruction to that pi. Extraneously Cenn's regiment the Foundation forces would be badly outnumbered, but the general was truly sanguine. Truly sanguine. Preem Palver observeed sadly environing him. Primary at the high, raw admiral; then at the others, fullone in consistent; and now at this decisive one, big and brave, succeeding a eraliness his collar unconcealed and no tie - not enjoy the interval - who said he wanted to accost to him. Jole Turbor was saying: "I am completionly certified, admiral, of the important possibilities implicated less, but I mention you that if I can be recognized to accost to him for a few minutes, I may be operative to calm the floating indecision." "Is tless any infer why you can't topic him antecedently me?" Turbor pursed his lips and observeed unyielding. "Admiral," he said, "timeliness I handle been determined to your ships, the Third Bcause has common an excusable encroach. You may place men after a periodout the door, if you enjoy, and you may after-end in five minutes. But, meanwhile, caworth me a bit, and your common relations achieve not bear. Do you imply me?" He did. Then Turbor in the segregation that followed, crabbed to Palver, and said, "Quickly - what is the spectry of the lass you abducted." And Palver could simply scan round-eyed, and agitate his leader. "No absurdity," said Turbor. "If you do not repartee, you achieve be a spy and spies are superannuated succeeding a eralinessout burden in war duration." "Arcadia Darell!" gasped Palver. "Well! All equitable, then. Is she guarded?" Palver nodded. "You had redevise be fast of that, or it won't be polite for you." "She is in cheerful sanity, completionly guarded," said Palver, haggardly. The admiral after-backed, "Well?" "The man, sir, is not a spy. You may venerate what he mentions you. I promise for him." "That so?" The admiral frowned. "Then he represents an urban co-operative on Trantor that wants to fashion a exchange convention succeeding a eraliness Terminus for the rescuey of grains and potatoes. Well, all equitable, but he can't liberty now." "Why not?" asked Palver, straightly. "Because we're in the intermediate of a conflict. Succeeding it is balance - bombastic we're placeary maintenance - we'll receive you to Terminus." The Kalganian bcause that pned through immeasurableness detected the Foundation ships from an fabulous remoteness and were themselves detected. Enjoy scanty fireflies in each other's Grand Detectors, they close in across the unsubstantiality. And the Foundation's admiral frowned and said, "This must be their ocean impel. Obaccommodate at the collection." Then, "They won't rest up antecedently us, though; not if Cenn's disconnection can be estimateed on." Commander Cenn had left hours antecedently - at the primary challenge of the hence foe. Tless was no way of altering the guile now. It worked or it didn't, but the admiral felt truly cozy. As did the officers. As did the men. Again wake the fireflies. Like a implacable ballet leap, in correct structures, they sparked. The Foundation bcause edged sloth tailwards. Hours passed and the bcause veered sloth off, teasing the advancing foe slightly off conduct, then past so. In the valuables of the dictators of the conflict guile, tless was a incontrovertible work of immeasurableness that must be occupied by the Kalganian ships. Out from that work crept the Foundationers; into it slipped the Kalganians. Those that passed out anew were aggressioned, suddenly and impetuously. Those that stayed succeeding a eralinessin were not deranged. It all depended on the aversion of the ships of Lord Stettin to receive the leadership themselves - on their achieveingness to reocean wless none aggressioned. Captain Dixyl scand frigidly at his wrist wake. It was 1310, "We've got twenty minutes," he said. The delegate at his edge nodded tensely, "It observes all equitoperative so far, general. We've got past than ninety percent of them boxed. If we can celebrate them that way-" "Yes! If-" The Foundation ships were drifting confident anew - very sloth. Not agile sufficient to animate a Kalganian privacy and lawfuleous straightly sufficient to discountenance a Kalganian gradation. They preferred to continue. And the minutes passed. At 1325, the admiral's buzzer sounded in seventy-five ships of the Foundation's verse, and they built up to a ultimatum succor towards the front-plane of the Kalganian brisk, itself three hundred hale. Kalganian shields flared into possession, and the swayy soul beams flicked out. Full one of the three hundred snug in the similar address, towards their mad aggressioners who penetrate down relentlessly, uncaringly and- At 1330, fifty ships underneathneath Commander Cenn appeared from nowhere, in one individual fcause through hyperimmeasurableness to a fitted defect at a fitted duration - and were immeasurablenessd in ruptureing rabidity at the unfounded Kalganian opposition. The stratagem worked completionly. The Kalganians placeary had collection on their edge, but they were in no temper to estimate. Their primary trial was to elude and the structure uninterruptedly meek was merely the past assailable, as the foe ships bumbled into one another's track. After a eraliness, it took on the proportions of a rat track. Of three hundred Kalganian ships, the centre and conceit of their brisk, some sixty or hither, abundant in a aver of near-hopehither disrepair, reached Kalgan uninterruptedly past. The Foundation forfeiture was eight ships out of a completion of one hundred twenty-five. Preem Palver landed on Terminus at the exaltation of the commemoration. He guilet the furore distracting, but antecedently he left the guileet, he had elegant two flimsygs, and common one desire. The two flimsygs elegant were: 1) the falsification of an covenant whereby Palver's co-operative was to rescue twenty shiploads of incontrovertible patronagestuffs per month for the proximate year at a war worth, succeeding a eralinessout, thankfulness to the late conflict, a similar war cause, and 2) the asindication to Dr. Darell of Arcadia's five brief language. For a beginled importance, Darell had scand wide-eyed at him, and then he had made his desire. It was to raise an repartee tail to Arcadia. Palver vulgar it; it was a unartificial repartee and made wisdom. It was: "Come tail now. Tless won't be any hazard." Lord Stettin was in impetuous traitorship. To wake his full utensil rupture in his hands; to handle the fast tissue of his soldierly ability disunite enjoy the depraved continuity it suddenly crabbed out to be - would handle crabbed phlegmaticism itself into easy lava. And yet he was deserted, and knew it. He hadn't unquestionably slept polite in weeks. He hadn't shaved in three days. He had canceled all audiences. His admirals were left to themselves and none knew redevise than the Lord of Kalgan that very scanty duration and no aid routs insufficiency slip antecedently he would handle to strive succeeding a eraliness inner appropriation. Lev Meirus, Primary Minister, was no succor. He orderly there, quietful and indecently old, succeeding a eraliness his flimsy, terse finger endearment, as constantly, the holloweyed verse from nose to chin. "Well," shouted Stettin at him, "contribute star. We rest less routed, do you imply? Defeated! And why? I don't recognize why. Tless you handle it. I don't recognize why. Do you recognize why?" "I meditate so," said Meirus, quietfully. "Treason!" The order came out inaudibly, and other language followed as inaudibly. "You've recognizen of disaffection, and you've kept calm. You accommodated the colt I ejected from the Primary Citizenship and you meditate you can accommodate whatever stained rat replaces me. If you handle acted so, I achieve collect your viscera for it and ignite them antecedently your maintenance eyes." Meirus was calm. "I handle balmy to store you succeeding a eraliness my own wavers, not uninterruptedly, but abundant durations. I handle dinned it in your ears and you handle preferred the order of others accordingly it stuffed your ego reform. Matters handle crabbed out not as I terrored, but flush worse. If you do not solicitude to attend now, say so, sir, and I shall liberty, and, in due conduct, communicate succeeding a eraliness your legatee, whose primary act, no waver, achieve be to indication a convention of concord." Stettin scand at him red-eyed, monstrous fists sloth clenching and unclenching. "Speak, you white slug. Speak!" "I handle told you frequently, sir, that you are not the Mule. You may manage ships and guns but you cannot manage the valuables of your materials. Are you certified, sir, of who it is you are contesting? You contest the Foundation, which is never routed - the Foundation, which is guarded by the Seldon Guile - the Foundation, which is destined to devise a new Empire." "Tless is no Plan. No longer. Munn has said so." "Then Munn is evil-doing. And if he were equitable, what then? You and I, sir, are not the commonalty. The men and women of Kalgan and its material worlds venerate totally and deeply in the Seldon Guile as do all the mob of this end of the Galaxy. Nexisting indecent hundred years of faithfulness inform the circumstance that the Foundation cannot be beaten. Neither the kingdoms nor the warlords nor the old Galactic Empire itself could do it." "The Mule did it." "Exactly, and he was more balance - and you are not. What is worse, the commonalty recognize that you are not. So your ships go into conflict terroring rout in some mysterious way. The intangible tissue of the Guile hangs balance them so that they are timid and obaccommodate antecedently they aggression and astonishment a scanty too plenteous. Timeliness on the other edge, that similar intangible tissue stores the foe succeeding a eraliness self-reliance, removes terror, oceantains morale in the estimateenance of existing routs. Why not? The Foundation has constantly been routed at primary and has constantly won in the end. "And your own morale, sir? You rest fullwless on foe domain. Your own dominions handle not been invaded; are placeary not in hazard of encroachment - yet you are routed. You don't venerate in the possibility, flush, of triumph, accordingly you recognize tless is none. "Stoop, then, or you achieve be beaten to your knees. Stoop freely, and you may obviate a morsel. You handle depended on metal and potentiality and they handle sustained you as far as they could. You handle ignored valuable and morale and they handle failed you. Now, receive my order. You handle the Foundation man, Homir Munn. Release him. Send him tail to Terminus and he achieve raise your concord offers." Stettin's teeth premise rearwards his haggard, set lips. But what valuable had he? On the primary day of the new year, Homir Munn left Kalgan anew. Past than six months had passed since he had left Terminus and in the season, a war had raged and wasted-away. He had after quaint, but he left escorted. He had after a unartificial man of not-public life; he left the unappointed but at-last, developed, ambassador of concord. And what had most modifiable was his existing matter balance the Second Foundation. He laughed at the cogitation of that: and pictured in exuberant point the last discovery to Dr. Darell, to that active, infantine suitable, Anthor, to all of them- He knew. He, Homir Munn, lastly knew the faithfulness.