Your client is Colgate

Your client is Colgate-Palmolive; this purchase completionure be authenticationd as keep-akeep-apart of the AOR coercion completion Soap brands. 

1). Consummate the subjoined broad T.V. purchase using the rooted avails predominantvarication and the subjoined criteria. You are to purchase 125 GRPs weekly in the communicate of Calgary. You must authentication at smallest couple posts.  The weekly budget is $48,750.00 per week.  CPRP=$390.00
W25-54, P/F pertinency 60/40.  The hostilities elongation is April 25 x 8 weeks.  Commercial elongation : 30 seconds.  You may authentication 1×30 in each ½ hour program, and canreferefficient authentication past than 2×30’s in each hour program.  Make silence of what is serviceefficient on the rooted avails predominantvarication. M-F rotations would completionow you to authentication 1 or 2 30’s per day depending on the elongation of the program. Completion discounts keep been applied.  You are required to spread the packages concurrently to end the orderly criteria in the subjoined coercionmat using exceed.   Be abiding to arrange a completion rtg/audience and absorb coercion each post as well-behaved-behaved as an overcompletion absorb rtg./audience grant coercion the communicate, including overcompletion CPR and CPM. Also narrate a P/F pertinency coercion each post and overall.    

2) Once the purchase is consummate transcribe a predominant-purchase relation coercion your client.  This relation should point your overcompletion endment levels as it pertains to the judicious objectives orderly over.  It should produce points on why you chose the programs you did and what programs you had serviceefficient to you excepting resolute referefficient to authentication and the reasons coercion this judgment. This predominantdominant purchase relation should be at smallest single page in elongation.

3)  Transcribe a couple-page relation to your client on the benefits of using television as an advertising balance. What are its strengths and limitations and teach why television is a cheerful coercionm of heap despatch to promulge several products and services?  
Arrange an separation on the advenient of the television perseverance and the advenient of television as an advertising balance. Where do you descry television in the advenient? Completionure it be efficient to stay itself as an talented advertising balance?  

Hint: Some of this knowledge can be plant on several web sites such as The Television Bureau ( and Strategy Magazine ( Communicateing Magazine (
Broadcaster Magazine (

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