Your Career and Management Information Systems

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1. Your Success and Management Information Systems (MIS): To comcomposition yourself in the best potential fashion to surpass in the office cosmos-people, you deficiency to set-on-foot researching your success now. As deal-out of this provision centre on the Management Information Systems (MIS) skills your success requires. First, deem what success (such as Accounting, Finance, Marketing, MIS) you insufficiency to possess. Second, mark ( or cognate websites and pursuit ce works that delineate to your success. Attain through the diverse of the work postings and state what MIS/IT skills you deficiency to reap. • List your success valuable and briefly delineate what MIS/IT skills (sound to be as particular as potential) and conversance you deficiency to reap.

2. Why is it significant ce a office elder to attain and apprehend MIS? (2-3 paragraphs)

ps: I am marketing elder.

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