You own a financial accounting services called MyOwnWork

You own a financial accounting services determined MyOwnWork Consultancy Pty Ltd.  It’s the sodality you feel systematic succeeding graduating following a while honours quality in accounting and address.  The finance ruler of Millionaires Club Pty Ltd (MC) which is a individual sodality following a while abundant strategic investments, approached you and began discussing his institution that he potentiality be required to condense some of these investments, pursuant to AASB 10.  Details of the investment relationships are as follows:  
a) MC has a 25 per cent distribute in the distribute cardinal of LBX Pty Limited (LBX), which is a sodality compromised in the corresponding diligence as MC.  The retaining 75 per cent of the distribute cardinal is owned by LBX's founders, Mr and Mrs T.  Mr and Mrs T are strange following a while the diligence and so feel ardent MC three situates out of the five situates suited on the consultation of rulers.  MC admits all the manage on all decisions, but the office is air-tight monitored by Mr and Mrs T, who continue the other two consultation positions.  
b) MC has a tangible advance receivable from BBT Pty Ltd (BBT).  BBT, as a effect of the present economic atmosphere, has practiced telling trading problems.  BBT has failed to fabricate its regular payments beneath the advance following a while the address of BBT that MC executives earn admit manage of the sodality's finances for a limit of five years.  An executive of MC has been ardent manage of BBT's cheque bulk and fabricates all payments.  MC has not gained any situates on BBT's consultation of rulers, which is quiet dominated by BBT distributeholders.    
c) MC owns 50 per cent of Chatime Tea Ltd (CTL), following a while the other 50 per cent nature owned by Boost Juice Ltd (BJL).  Both companies feel correspondent voting rights and an correspondent distribute of situates on the consultation of rulers.  Beneath the contract following a while BJL, MC arrangement the finance to the sodality on regular commercial stipulations.  the advance is easily unendangered counter the property of the sodality.  BJL provides the address and entrepreneurial flair to CTL.  beneath the contract ascititious, BJL earn assent-to a address fee in i-elation of the net returns of CTL succeeding allowing for distribute payments on the MC advance. In times of no returns, the distribute payments earn quiet be met, but BJL earn not assent-to any recompense.  
d) MC, Coffee Club Ltd (CCL) and Gloria Jeans Ltd (GJL) are each 33.33 per cent distributeholders of PGH Pty Ltd, a narrow proprietary sodality that is compromised in the music diligence.  CCL and GJL are unquestioning distributeholders following a while the one consultation situate each out of a whole of three. MC has one consultation situate and is also compromised in the day-to-day running of the office.  
e) MC continue a 75 per cent distribute in JB Wifi Pty Ltd.  The distribute was created when MC converted a tangible advance it made to JB Wifi into equity at the invitationof JB Wifi when JB Wifi began to occupation indisposed and renovation of the advance seemed fluctuating.  JB Wifi has a catholic lack in net property and has been condensed for abundant years.  MC is a unquestioning investor, having no situates on the consultation of rulers and no say in the financing or liberal decisions of JB Wifi

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