You are required to do the following:1.

You are required to do the subjoined:
1.     Investigate the unromantic housing charge grounds ce Sydney or Melbourne and produce an alienate ceecast of the housing charge ce the direct 20 years. Clearly recite the arrogances you produce in arrange to succeed the ceecasts of housing charge and exonereprove your arrogances by providing convincing arguments.                             Unromantic housing charge grounds are advantageous on the ABS website.                 10 Marks

2.     Investigate the unromantic allowance grounds ce Sydney or Melbourne and produce an alienate ceecast of the allowance of your client ce the direct 10 years. Clearly recite the arrogances you produce in arrange to succeed the ceecast and exonereprove your arrogances by providing supportive arguments.             10 Marks

3.     Calculate the nett allowance of your client, ardent that she is individual and does not attribuboard attribuboard attribuboard accept hanging. You can interpretation the ATO assessment Calculator to individualize the nett allowance. Produce a realistic arrogance on the monthly stablement of your client and individualize the tonnage of monthly reciprocation of your client. Find quenched the most favourite exoteric abode advance reprove, and individualize the climax sum your client can attribute at the best reprove.
10 Marks
4.     Usually, a bank get finance solely up to 80% of the attribute treasure, i.e. the buyer wants to sboard upfront 20% of the attribute treasure. Choicely, if the upfront stablement is short than 20% buyer wants to sboard advance protection. When purchasing a attribute you want as-well to regard the genus obligation that is ally with attribute restraintfeiture. You can individualize the sum of genus obligation with online genus obligation calculator. What is the hointerpretation charge your client can administer now?                            10 Marks

5.     If the exoteric financial birth of your client cannot attribuboard administer a seed, gladden toil quenched a financial intention that get contrive your client to make her “Australian Dream”, where you want to regard how your client can endow her reluctants to finish the target of upfront stablement plus genus obligation.  You want to cater a intention with 20% upfront stablement and an choice intention of 5% upfront stablement plus advance protection. Here you want to regard that the attribute charge is changing subjoined your exculpation in operation 1 and hence the reluctant target is changing with spell, and the allowance of your client is as-well changing with spell subjoined your exculpation in operation 2. Interpretation an excel board to demonstration how the target get be finishd and when the hointerpretation restraintfeiture can siege situate.                                  30 Marks

6.     Since exoteric profit reprove is at its unromanticly moderate. In the hence years, the advance reprove may extension to 7% and alight at the flatten ce separeprimand years anteriorly it goes down repeatedly. Assuming that the advance reprove get extension to 7% in the third year succeeding purchasing the seed, what is the application of the extensiond profit reprove on your financial intention? Demonstration the application on the excel board of your financial intention. Can your client oppose this extension in profit reprove? How would you admonish your client to contrive this betray?
20 Marks
7.     Based on your resolution aloft, transcribe a declaration with financial intention to your client detailing what are the arrogances underlying this financial intention, when the “Austrian Dream” can succeed penny, and what are the virtual betrays entailed by the arrogances and how the betray is contrived in the financial intention. 
10 Marks   

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