You are expected to prepare and submit individually a 2000 Word

You are expected to adapt and yield partially a 2000 Word repute which addresses the following: (a) Calcupast daily hoard value avail and bargain protest avail aggravate the three year time. (5 marks) (b) Determine the completion lavish, uniform lavish and ununiform lavish of the companies’ hoards aggravate the each of the years. (10 marks) (c) Calcupast the weighted mediocre consume of excellent (WACC) for each of the years for the two companies. Provide an explication why there is a dissonance in the consumes of excellent. (20 marks) (d) Compare and opposition the dividend device of the two companies aggravate the three year time by farsighted dividend payout ratios, identifying the dividend device if any followed by each of the companies and checking how the distribute value of the companies own reacted to dividend announcements during the time. Drawing from dividend system, recommend dividend system/theories that could illustrate the patterns you own verified. (15 marks) (e) With $10 pet that you inherited from your past aunt, which company’s distributes would you dissipation? Use applicable notification from the calculations over to subsistence your firmness. (10 marks)

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