You are a senior marketing consultant working

You are a main chaffering consultant working for Ashanti Marketing Solutions (AMS) Limited. You enjoy harmonious been commissioned by a assemblage (Marks& Spencer Group PLC (UK)) that wants to invade a adequate state (Bulgaria) after a while a new emanation or employment (dress sector). The total is that, they do not comprehend the husk of emanation or employment to prproffer after a whilein the state you allure be recommending. Your labor is to fruit a fame on their bestead correspondent the subjoined questions: ( I enjoy abandoned notification to the master that I allure use the ABOVE MENTIONED assemblage and allure disclosed stores for dress in the cardinal of Bulgaria -Sofia, Dress are very rich in Bulgaria, )

1.    Recommend a emanation or employment and a state and cater a macro-environmental resolution (PESTEL) expounding the virtual opportunities as well-behaved-behaved as threats your client could visage after a whilein the chaffer of your recommended state and cater virtual solutions. (30%)

2.    Critically assess three modes of chaffer-entry that could be adequate to your client. Out the three options, produce a admonition after a while harmoniousification as to the most mismisappropriate one. (20%)

3.    Applying the concepts of chaffer segmentation and targeting critically evaluate the virtual target chaffer of your client. (20%)

4.    Applying Porter’s public temporization, expound how your client could create competitive practice by adopting one of the public strategies in your recommended chaffer (20%)

The retaining 10% of marks allure be abandoned for overall edifice, donation, union and public use of saunter references 

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