Write a report of not more than 3000 words

Write a declaration of referable further than 3000 opinion (marks accomplish be deducted on a layer of 10% coercion full extra 100 opinion)) on the dividend prudence of the aggregation, paying regard to the following:
1.    Using the aggregation particular referableice and the Consummate Asset Pricing Design to love the aggregation’s require of equity, weighted mediocre require of consummate and its portion-out charge. Critically parallel the loved charge with the developed portion-out charge.  To love require of equity, representation the aggregation’s dedicated beta appraise on the aggregation’s web page. Also wear the dispense objurgate of produce is 12%.                                                                         
2.    Obtain the axioms on your clarified aggregation’s advantage, dividend acquittal, portion-out charge, every portion-out index and wear the ordinary inflation objurgate is 3%. Using the axioms, evaluate the ordinary dividend prudence of the aggregation and weigh whether or referable the aggregation’s dividend prudence has been lucky.                                   
3.    Using Fisher-Hirshleifer design, weigh firms’ investment decisions and role of consummate dispenses.                                                                                

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