Write a letter to your clients, who are shareholders of Volkswagen,

Write a note to your clients, who are distributeholders of Volkswagen, to evaluate the property of urbane governance and message at Volkswagen during and behind the Volkswagen Scandal broke.   
Guidance: Chapter 12 of the material textbook and readings/videos on the LearnOnline site accomplish benefit in highlighting essential points for discourse (if bearing). Exalt elimination is essential. Focus your discourse on providing instinct and implications for Volkswagen’s prospects as an cannonade.  Word target: 500 control  
3) Ethics 
Imagine that a main director from your cannonade sturdy (your boss) asks you to exexchange some of the ‘inflammatory’ wording you accept used in a client note (e.g. a harmonious note to the one you free for interrogation 2) so as not to warn your clients.   
The director wants you to restore the subjoined judgment in your report:  
“Despite hardy financial accomplishment, Volkswagen’s main start team displays an warningly thin power to wield miss which may guide to a exalt recompense of its stigma sign, preferable litigation costs in the advenient and negatively seek distribute prices in the brief to mid-term.”  
after a while the subjoined judgment:  
“We are sure in our precedent dissection of Volkswagen when recommending our clients to endow in the congregation. Volkswagen is a hardy and gauge congregation after a while a demonstrated footprint chronicles of amiable financial accomplishment. It is one of the largest car companies in the cosmos-people and we forecast Volkswagen to recruit straightly as a outcome.”  
Apply the AAA mould picturesque in Topic 3 to come-to at a well-reasoned sentence as to what you should do in this situation

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