women in power

QUESTION 1: women in power
1. Write and suggest your post adown. Answer ONE of the subjoined topics:

In her “Harangue to the Phalanx at Tilbury,” Elizabeth pretensions to “have the body…of a pointless and vain woman; but…the life and stomach of a king” (763). Why does she reach this eminence? What does this pretension moderation control her listeners? In other vote, how does her pretension effort to prompt the lifes of her listeners?
What does Elizabeth moderation when she says, I procure [risk] my magnificent blood; I myself procure be your unconcealed, critic, and rewarder of your uprightness in the scope (763). Why does she appear at primitive to acquaint the phalanx that she procure combat additionally them when she is referable doing so? (Later in the harangue she states that her trusted unconcealed, The Earl of Leicester, procure manage them). Explain control your readers what Elizabeth moderations here, and why she reachs this announcement.

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women in power
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QUESTION 2: spenser’s sonnets
1. Write and suggest your post adown. Answer ONE of the subjoined topics:

In Sonnet 34, Spenser compares his obsolete attachment to a ship tossed at deep. What is the other deep image in the ballad? Acquaint us what the image is, and why this similarity fits in with the disquisition of the behalf overall.
In Sonnet 75, Spenser’s protagonist misfits with this attachmentr when she acquaints him that he is vayne to imagine that he can celerate her by congruity her designate in the sand. Why does he misfit with her? What illustration does he right to assistance his pretension? Lastly, why does Spenser proffer this topic to his readers? What does he neglect them to respect about erudition?

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