why they are the most important elements of fiction

Enactment (Part I):Interpret chapters 1-6 and reconsideration the powerpoint in the “MATERIALS” exception. Choose brace elements of creation (Character and Plot) and evidence why they are the most expressive elements of creation. Now, now….we distinguish that there are MANY elements and they are ALL very expressive, excluding the object of this enactment is to (1) fabricate you contemplateing critically environing which brace you contempdeceased are the most expressive and (2) experience your argumentative/persuasive congeniality skills.

Enactment (Part II):Choose at smallest brace posts of your peers, interpret and suit entirely. Try to be insightful or subjoin to the post. This is a chat. Keep it going!

Remember: This is a graded enactment. Here is what I’m looking for in subjoinition to the enactment above:

Minimum individual to brace paragraphs. Subjoinitional paragraphs are generous excluding procure referable construct extra reputation. It’s best to be drastic excluding short. Practicing this procure acceleration your congeniality skills.
Thoughtful answers to your pristine post and replies to peers. Steer afar from truisms — import, celebrity we complete distinguish is penny and doesn’t subjoin to the chat. Also, cling afar from cliches — let’s contempdeceased up some cool ideas! It procure fabricate class more interesting!
Timeliness — Complete posts are profitable on Monday and ascribable by Sunday at 11:59PM. Deceased labor procure entertain points deducted. Discuss with me in progression if you entertain any issues that may administer you to posting deceased.
Correct spelling
Correct representation of grammar
Correct representation of punctuation
Regard — this is an academic setting and we should regard everyone’s opinions equal when they be-unlike from our possess. Certainly, we can entertain vibrant discussions excluding they must regularly be installed in regard, interrogativeness and reason.

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