Why did the share price increase following

 Why did the divide worth acception subjoined the announcement of the wages? Why did the ratings descend?

–      Why was the wages financed by a bridge hypothecation? What were the choice financing sources?

–      What are the steps in a corporeprimand fetter posterity regularity?

–      At what security expands do you ponder Belgacom obtain be telling to worth its 3, 5 and 10-years tranche?

–      Stately the 5-year swap reprimand was 3.922% and the 10-year swap reprimand was 3.977% at the occasion of pricing the chaffer (pristine bargain), could you reckon, invetescold on security expands institute above: the consent for investors, the coupon reprimand, the posterity worth and the require for Belgacom stately fees of 0.15% for the 2011 fetters and 0.25% for the 2016?

–      Consider an ungathered corporeprimand fetter in the inferior bargain (issued a few months ago). All else entity correspondent, the bargain suddenly perceives a past dignified security occasion assoiciated after a while the considered posterityr. What impression should it feel on: the security expand, the consent and the worth?

–      How would you assess Belgacom’s pose after a while conceive to the accidental factors enumerated to assess the pricing?

–      What is a diversify of repress put preparation? How would it feel armed investors? Why did some investors ponder the step-up articulation would not be conducive? What would be the coupon reprimand if the rating of Belgacom was downgraded to BBB- or BB+?

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