Whitaker Approach for Bill and Barbara Case Study

Whitaker Path control Bill and Barbara Case Study

Bill and Barbara are in their future 30s and accept been married control view years. Their agedest branch, Brenda, 7 years aged, has of-late been wetting the bed at misunderstanding. This is astounding to her parents, as she had successfully potty skilled antecedently her fourth birthday. Their younger branch, three-year-aged Bobby, is in the course of attainments to truth the bathroom now. They decide you of the restraintthcoming changes in their life:

– Barbara has of-late past tail into the workforce.

– The lineage has of-late moved to a larger settlement in a contrariant part of town.

– Brenda’s bed-wetting most recurrently happens on Sunday and Monday misunderstandings.

– Bill’s parents feed in the identical town, were recurrent investigateors periodically took the branchren control weekend investigates, except due to the grandfather’s vigor, they investigate short recurrently now. the branch has been checked extinguished medically and any medical issues or illustration control sexual abtruth has been unwavering extinguished.

1. How can we incorporate Whittaker’s path to this seat?

2. Describe the Whitaker path?

3. What kinds of interventions would be truthd?

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