Which of the following is Which of the following

Which of the following is Which of the following is   not not   a prohibitive trade practice under the a prohibitive trade practice under the   Competition and Consumer Competition and Consumer Act 2010 Act 2010   (Cth)? (Cth)?
Select one: Select one: Boycotts. Boycotts. Price fixing. Price fixing. Resale price maintenance. Resale price maintenance. None of the answers provided. None of the answers provided.
Which of the following examples of legislation Which of the following examples of legislation   does NOT does NOT   contain civil penalties? contain civil penalties?
Select one: Select one: Spam Act 2003 Spam Act 2003   (Cth). (Cth). National Consumer Credit Code. National Consumer Credit Code. Corporations Act 2001 Corporations Act 2001   (Cth). (Cth). Cybercrime Act 2001 Cybercrime Act 2001   (Cth

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