Which of the following give rise to “Income”?1

Which of the subjoined present melt to “Income”?

1.    A dentist swapping dental toil appreciated at $600 after a while a retailer for a video which has a trade appreciate of $550 (but solely require the retailer $300)
2.    A pensioner swapping excess eggs appreciated at $150. (for the year) after a while a neighbour for excess vegetables developed in a abode field.
3.    A constructor helpful you at weekends to uplift your abode, doing so on the reason that he can keep your retinue (which require you $10,500 on 1 January 1997) when you stir into the abode.  Assume the appreciate of the constructor’s toil was $11,000 and the retinue had a trade expense of $12,000 when you handed it estimate on 1 January in the running pay year.
4.    Volunteering your accounting expertise to a topical kindness which in shape arranges for someone to conspicuous debris from your yard.  Would your solution be incongruous if you were insensible of the kindness’s scheme to conspicuous the debris?

Question 2:

Discuss whether the subjoined amounts are assessable.  Include references to any appropriate conditions in the ITAA 1997 or ITAA 1936.

1.    A car appreciated at $15,000, presentn as a plunder to a depositor of a structure association.  The race was notorious to all those who could continue a restriction estimate of $10,000 for the year.
2.    An remodel form (not of an pay stamp) of $1 pet made by a capacious industrial union on repayment of long-term loans.
3.    A migration expiation of $4,500 (hired at 45 cents per kilometre 10,000 km migration) hired to an employee by an employer accordingly the employee was carrying out tasks required by the employer.

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