Which of the following give rise to “Income”?

Which of the subjoined furnish mount to “Income”?

1.    A dentist swapping dental product trophyd at $600 with a retailer restraint a video which has a negotiate trophy of $550 (excepting solely require the retailer $300)
2.    A pensioner swapping rest eggs trophyd at $150. (restraint the year) with a neighbour restraint rest vegetables grown in a abode oasis.
3.    A designer abetting you at weekends to establish your abode, doing so on the account that he can accept your file (which require you $10,500 on 1 January 1997) when you affect into the abode.  Assume the trophy of the designer’s product was $11,000 and the file had a negotiate worth of $12,000 when you handed it aggravate on 1 January in the prevalent pay year.
4.    Volunteering your accounting expertise to a topical benevolence which in round arranges restraint someone to apparent lion-sense from your yard.  Would your exculpation be opposed if you were unconscious of the benevolence’s sketch to apparent the lion-sense?

Question 2:

Discuss whether the subjoined amounts are assessable.  Include references to any applicable stipulations in the ITAA 1997 or ITAA 1936.

1.    A car trophyd at $15,000, furnishn as a trophy to a depositor of a architecture participation.  The race was public to thorough those who could tend a stint counteract of $10,000 restraint the year.
2.    An modify reach (referable of an pay type) of $1 darling made by a great industrial audience on reprisals of long-term loans.
3.    A trip thoroughowance of $4,500 (remunerated at 45 cents per kilometre 10,000 km trip) remunerated to an employee by an master consequently the employee was carrying quenched tasks required by the master.

Question 3: 

In your press to achieve to a tribute dissertation, you fence your car poorly and, in the system, badly hurt the Vice Chancellor’s car.  As the garb is apparently your want and you do referable accept any security, you consort to converge the requires of any inevitable repairs.  After obtaining three quotes, the Vice Chancellor informs you that the require accomplish be $2,000, which you pay to her when the product is thorough.

Required: Is it potential that this action could accept any Capital Reachs tribute implications restraint the Vice Chancellor?

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