What layout is presented in the tour

Take the introduce outing at.archive.org/web/20110223023329/http:/workhorse.com/Default.aspx?tabid=116″>Workhorse – A New Breed. What layout is presented in the outing? Consider how the layout could be improved.
How is subtle the layout of a benefit adroitness incongruous from subtle the layout of a manufacturing adroitness? Explain. (MO 1, 3).
Discuss how you would estimate operation criteria, aim establishing estimates of operation (MOP), and estimates of energy (MOE).

– APA format

– 1.5 pages, clothe page and regard referable counted

at lease 2 academicals regards. One of the resources to include isRussell, Operations Management, 8e condition 7: Capacity and Facilities Design

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