What is the question that the researchers are attempting

Begin by summarizing the word. Here are some scrutinys that succeed aid you digest your word:

1. What is the scrutiny that the investigationers are attempting to solution?

2. How does this scrutiny comport into the investigation that has already been effected in that area? Why is it dignified?

3. How did the investigationers solution their scrutiny? In other suffrage, what did they do? Explain what the word was encircling.

4. What were their findings/results and conclusions?

5. Were their findings accordant with prior investigation? If not attributable attributable attributable what were some of the reasons?

The instant stalk is to flavor the word. Use these scrutinys to train you in your flavor.

1. Did the investigationers solution their scrutiny? Was the system of solutioning the scrutiny misspend? Did the process construct significance? Was there a ameliorate fashion to solution the investigation scrutiny?

2. Are the results accordant with the supposition and are they properly represented? Would you represent them any differently?

3. Are the conclusions substantial and justified by the basis?

4. Are the generalizations substantial?


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