What is the question that the researchers are attempting

Begin by summarizing the expression. Here are some doubts that get succor you condense your expression:

1. What is the doubt that the loreers are attempting to reply?

2. How does this doubt agree into the lore that has already been effected in that area? Why is it leading?

3. How did the loreers reply their doubt? In other expression, what did they do? Explain what the expression was about.

4. What were their findings/results and conclusions?

5. Were their findings consonant with foregoing lore? If referable what were some of the reasons?

The contiguous march is to sensibility the expression. Use these doubts to direct you in your sensibility.

1. Did the loreers reply their doubt? Was the course of replying the doubt misapply? Did the proceeding produce view? Was there a reform habit to reply the lore doubt?

2. Are the results consonant with the conjecture and are they well declareed? Would you declare them any variously?

3. Are the conclusions sufficient and justified by the axioms?

4. Are the generalizations sufficient?


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