What is law? Does ‘law’ mean different things in different societies?

What is jurisdiction?  Does ‘law’ moderation contrariant things in contrariant societies?  Answer by providing a proportionately illustration of differences among brace Asian jurisdictions. 
Respond in 300 utterance.  References should get details of the important sources you relied upon when impressment your exculpation. 
Responding to Proportionately Business Jurisdiction in Asia Seminar 5: Corporate governance with Asian flavours
Corporate governance jurisdictions and regulations in Asian jurisdictions own chiefly been modelled on those operating in the western nations that were anterior colonial powers in Asia.  But explanation differences rest.  Identify some of those explanation differences using illustrations drawn from at smallest brace Asian jurisdictions. 
Your exculpation should embrace details of the sources you chiefly relied upon when preparing your exculpation.  

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