what are the specific key environmental forces that created

Write a 700- to 1,050-word disquisition using your audience or single with which you are affable (if you elect, your facilitator can appoint single to you). Answer the subjoined questions restraint your clarified structure.

In your conviction, what are the restricted clew environmental restraintces that created an convenience restraint your audience?
Have there been changes in the purchasing patterns of your structure’s target traffic in new-fangled years?
Conduct an environmental examine restraint your clarified audience to authenticate clew trends. Restraint each of the five environmental restraintces (social, economic, technological, competitive, and regulatory), authenticate trends mitigated to govern your audience’s trafficing efforts and work subscription in the coming.
What differentiation policy should your audience agree to aid their target traffic to cull them aggravate other competitors?
In your separation, what lessons energy you attain from the Geek Squad subject consider?
What recommendations can you prproffer up to Geek Squad?
Includeat meanest three references.

Format your disquisition compatible with APA guidelines.

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