Week 7 Case Study, Discussion and Assignment

Week 7 Case Study, Discourse and Assignment

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Week 7 Case Study, Discussion and Assignment
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Week 7: Case Study#1- Problem 7.1
We succeed test diversified types of vocation structures to embrace, incompact others, uncompounded proprietorships, confederateships, and confirmations. Our nucleus succeed be on the construction and bound of these opposed types of vocationes, advantages and disadvantages, tribute and obligation implications, and the cece to lift and economize affixed financial media subject upon the vocation structure mould selected.
Case Study
Samantha was a confederate with Joe and Tammy in a command robust in Bethlehem, PA. In adduction to the three confederates, the robust employed undivided other commandyer (remunerated as an associate counsellor), couple paralegals, and undivided professional assistant/receptionist. The robust was doing polite financially and had a polite-written confederateship bond elucidation ceth integral of the basic requirements ce the confederateship including removal of profits, skillful-treatment responsibilities, absence of wonder. As Christmas 2015 approached, Samantha deficiencyed to deserve some extra coin so that she could subsidize her mate a very proper Christmas talent since Christmas Day was to-boot his 30th birthday. She began insertion in some affixed clients behind stated vocation hours and did referable attributable attributable attributable narrate anyundivided else at the robust what she was doing. She compensated a associate of hers, who was a part-span paralegitimate at a opposed robust, to do the paperwork ce these affixed clients. Joe went by the station undivided confusion accordingly he had accidentally left his cell phundivided in his desk drawer. He discovered Samantha there with a client with whom he was unacquainted. The direct day he asked Tammy if she kupset-out of this client (she did referable attributable attributable) and Joe could furnish no client perfect on this individual in the robust’s records. Samantha admitted what she had been doing when Joe and Tammy confronted her, beside she insisted she could do anyunnaturalness she deficiencyed on her span and distinctly since she wasn’t using station media ce those affixed clients.
1. Is Samantha redress? Why or why referable attributable attributable?

Week 7: Case Study Discourse #2
You and your best associate, a moulder DeSales garden classmate, accept determined to notorious a vocation properizing in persomal boy collocation sports equipment, uniforms, and memorabilia. As you commence to find your plans, the primeval unnaturalness you accept to run is what mould of vocation structure you succeed authentication to in-effect shape this upset-out vocation. Behind long-drawn discovery and discourse, you and your associate accept narrowed the register of possibilities down to either (1) a public confederateship or (2) a end confirmation.

Having graduated from garden with a grade in Vocation Administration, you run to notorious a frozen ice/ice cream/custard consist in Lower Macungie Township. Behind discoverying diversified moulds of vocation structures systematically authenticationd to set-out up such a vocation, you run that franchising capability be a rectify method to go. A upset-out notorious chain of frozen discourse relief consists – TasteeFreeze – has been very prosperous in the Philadelphia area and divers accept begun to notorious in the Lehigh Valley. Divers of your kindred deficiency to apprehend why you are seriously becaauthentication a immunity with TasteeFreeze.


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Week 7 Case Study, Discussion and Assignment
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1) Ce EACH of the subjoined vocation/legitimate topics, abundantly decipher what legitimate arguments you would authentication to urge your kindred that you arrive-at you are doing the suitable unnaturalness by becaauthentication a immunity ce your upset-out vocation:
a) Advantages and disadvantages of a immunity.
b) What you discoveryed encircling the franchisor (headquarters) antecedently you made your latest determination to allot ce a immunity.
c) Issues touching the feasible location/territory ce your immunity.
d) The types of fees you capability be expected to wild to the franchisor’s headquarters when generous your immunity.
e) Typical kinds of commandsuits that commence among franchisors and immunityes.

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