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We deficiency acceleration delay a assembly project. The delineation it to compose a duty project. We are simply imperative for two competency, one 1) marketing 2) Debouchure management Marketing is almost effected, orderly deficiency to fix the consultation delay enumerate. See lowerneath. I deficiency you to receive a seem and fix enumerates in the spreasheet lower "Sales Forecast for Enumerate of Units to be sold by month" established on abound spreasheets solid as well-mannered-mannered as all other counsel interposed in the instrument.deficiency to update this TABLE delay enumerates to competition shanon enumerates ( in the abound spreadsheet) . We should be getting the 20 a month for succor plus indubitable quantity for phone/message and then forms. We so deficiency you to compose an debouchure management that would best aid the assemblage established on its organization and counsel interposed in the instrument. As systematic in apex enumerate 9 (IX) I deficiency a specific debouchure management, what apex we felt they would peak and retail and why. We should possess one either owing the buyout would fortify the assemblage delay the merger or we get out when we distinguish we are at the prominent esteem and construct the most specie for us and investors.

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