Watch and Write: Ideology

After tending the Crash Course video “Ideology,” apology the coercionthcoming questions. I would help you to apology them as you tend the video and impress exempt to quietus the video in prescribe to apology questions abundantly.

1. What is the helpful short-hand Craig uses to interpret the disputeences betwixt liberals and conservatives?
2. According to the video, what do American conservatives judge?
3. Where do libertarians and conservatives dispute in their judgments?
4. What do American liberals judge?
5. What are the four eldershipnts of socialization the video discusses?
6. How do our families rule our judgments?
7. How does economic self-interest rule our judgments on taxes and legislation spending?
8. What is the total of using economic self-interest to interpret disputeences in judgment on taxes and legislation spending?
9. What are the two ways excellent levels of teaching rule identical judgments?
10. According Craig, what accounts coercion the disputeences in judgments betwixt those who lived through the Great Depression and those who came of eldership during the presidency of Ronald Reagan?

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Watch and Write: Ideology
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