Using the information contained in the Scenario below

Using the counsel contained in the Scenario adown, gladden thorough the subjoined 6 functions. You

must thorough each function in classify for your dependence to be assessed. Omission of any one of these 6

tasks achieve be regarded as Not Yet Competent and you achieve then be required to resubmit this toll in


1. Recommend a emanation for the clients and decipher your reasons for recommendation

2. List the sustaining documents that would be needed to assistance the mortgage

3. Thorough a mortgage costing prevarication *

4. Thorough a mortgage servicing computation (NSR) *

5. Download and thorough the FHOG application fashion that is bearing to your

state/territory, from the internet

6. Thorough a mortgage application fashion (a bleak Westpac mortgage application fashion has been

granted for you which you should use) and thorough all of the accompanying

documents as granted for you.

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