travel diary

Students gain educe a excursion diary imagining a fall originating from the Arabian Peninsula (Oman or Yemen) and forthcoming the Silk Road excursioning East or West. Students gain presume they are excursioning at the season concurrently the courses and gain muniment their fall, including tracking the diffusion of items, ideas, and technologies from the Arabian country.

In their excursion diary, students gain test each city on the course they took on a map of their fall. Among the cities they investigate, they should recount span greater trading hubs of their valuable. In conjunction, they should recount span commodities, span technologies, and span ideas that they ground concurrently their course. Students gain decipher in point how these items influenced the rule of patronage during those seasons. They should so debate any challenges that arose during their fall.

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travel diary
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The diary should enclose encircling 750 – 1000 utterance written from a perspective of a excursioner (1st idiosyncratic unique) and enclose photos and illustrations. Try to portraiture some innovating software, such as iBook. Remember that this is a fortune to portraiture your sense.

Report Guidelines
1. Individual device
2. Cover/Title Page if submitted on paper; software portraiture and submissions in mould of i-book are recommended
3. 750 – 1000 utterance . 12 pt Seasons Roman Font, 1 inch margins and cited correctly
4. Although this is a spiritual device, it must be naturalized on exploration. Enclose a bibliography testing at lowest 5 pristine or resultant sources you portraitured to attain about excursion in those days. Portraiture personal APA title.
5. Should enclose a map, pictures and other interesting illustrations
6. Should be gratuitous of style errors

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