This assignment requires you to transcribe a 1000 engagement primordial education to the aftercited scenario

To establish viewing figures and advertising return globally restraint the finale of his TV pomp “You’re Hired”, Simon has moulded restraint the young-person ligature No Direction to consummate their hindmost solitary feed on quantity restraint a fee of £250,000 restraint each part. He is certified that Payn, single of the ligature parts is painful and hopes that a cancelment of £250,000 restraint the consummateance get aid him to grace further fixed. Unfortunately antecedent to the consummateance Payn has a longing dispute with his fiancée Terry and subattributable with tremor leaves the quantity during the consummateance.

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Liz , a free-lance journalist at the face of the quantity does referable heed Zayn leak up astern her as she is referable wearing her heeding aids and although she knows her shoes are to-boot proud , she is wearing her best 5 inch heals and as he rushes gone-by Zayn causes her to drop and fracture her wrist. As a coherence she is unfitted to toil restraint six weeks and loses pay of £5,000 from an name she was attributable succumb to American Vogue.
Simon asks you to instruct Payn whether he has any vindication over his responsibilities to Liz below the tort of negligence

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