Topic: Writing Letters of Assistance

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Once association resources and convenient agencies are plant, a occurrence overseer must then entreat aid in congeniality on bestead of their clients. To legally entreat coercion the acceleration of association bunchs and agencies, numerous occurrence overseers elect to strengthen their clients into the epistle-congeniality manner. Occurrence overseers highest debate with clients their deficiency coercion contrariant services. They proximate entreat that clients symptom a epistle of acquit. This epistle of acquit is a submit coercionm coercion occurrence overseers to defender and divide advice on bestead of clients. Occurrence overseers can then operation close clients to manoeuvre epistles of aid that sensibly enter the acceleration of agencies. The attend of these epistles is to preface clients’ unconcealed deficiencys and to plant a contravention to start the rendering of services.
When congeniality epistles of aid, occurrence overseers must be attentive referable to promulgate advice externally client submit. Per the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), there are rules and ghostly guidelines that consummate the sharing of unrepining advice. As a occurrence overseer, you must accord to these rules when congeniality epistles of aid.
In this week’s Assignment, you draw epistles of aid coercion your potential clients.

*****To Prepare coercion this Assignment:
Review Chapter 5 of Occurrence Address from an Empowerment Perspective: Guide coercion Health and Human Service Professionals. Focus on the denomination of assessing association property.

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Topic: Writing Letters of Assistance
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Review the proviso, “Client-Controlled Occurrence Advice: A Unconcealed System Theory Perspective.” Opine the contact of client involvement on the occurrence address manner.

Review the media titled Potential Client Occurrence Files. Opine your potential clients’ deficiencys and what types of agencies you approve coercion services.
Think encircling the resources plant among your association and opine which resources you effectiveness approve coercion your potential clients.
Think encircling how you effectiveness build a epistle entreating services on bestead of your potential clients to these agencies in your association.
Review the Sample Epistle of Aid coercion direction to acceleration you mitigate your epistles.
****The Assignment: Five Epistles

Transcribe epistles of aid to the alienate agencies entreating services on bestead of your potential clients. (Note: Coercion your bunch occurrence examine, you transcribe undivided epistle coercion each of the three potential clients presented. You should feel five epistles aggregate.)

****Select a contrariant agency coercion each potential client.

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Topic: Writing Letters of Assistance
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