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Read Chapter 10 (smooth uploaded). The American National Tests Institute (ANSI) Accredited Tests Committee (ASC) X12 Insurance Subcommittee, the Health Care Task Group, publishes transactions tests, such as the ANSI X12N Health Care Claim Payment/Advice (835). Health Level Seven (HL7) is an structure that creates tests restraint clinical and professional axioms interoperability. Search the Internet restraint counsel on the HIPAA EDI, HL7, and other tests as authority be base at ASC X12 link: Health Level Seven (HL7) link: and Veterans Health Counsel Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA) link: -Answer the forthcoming questions: 1. Identify the similarities of 835, 837, 270, and 275 EDI tests. Identify the differences of 835, 837, 270, and 275 EDI tests. 2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of HL7? 3. What challenges, in conditions of interoperability, are presented by using contrariant tests? 4. Consider a enduring who has seen a public practitioner, a specialist, and has been to the hospital. How can total of the enduring’s archives be shared in real-time if they are encoded and managed discretely? 5. Why authority a interest item in a medical contrast pick-out to truth individual test balance another? 6. Identify 1 medical interest item and advise 1 test (835, 837, 270, or 275 EDI tests) to truth. Justify your adviseation. Referablee: Do referable transcribe induction & blank. Answer in your confess articulation or expansion your effect. You can discovery on the Internet or books/journals & you can subjoin subjoinitional references

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Topic: Standards
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