Topic: Organizational effectiveness

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Couple creed singly earn be used in this learning reviews:
1- (Sayareh 2009)
2- (Cetin & Cerit 2010)
Cetin, CK & Cerit, AG 2010, ‘Organizational usefulness at seaports: a systems approach’, Maritime Policy & Management, vol. 37, no. 3, pp. 195-219.

Sayareh 2009, ‘A pattern coercion organisational usefulness (oe) toll in seaport organisations’, in IAME Annual Conference, pp. 12-14.
1- Comparing, contrariety, similarities or contrariant between couple creed, how each MODELs created and how has been made.
2- What is the underneath plea coercion each pattern.
3- Why these organisational usefulness criteria are important
4- Please, convergence past on the courseology; which course ensue? How they used it?

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Topic: Organizational effectiveness
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