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Ordinance Three is due by Friday 6/5 at 11:59 PM.
1) Create a 3-day sustenance cunning restraint your athlete.
a. Individual grafting day
b. Individual span-of-a-trade day
c. Individual restitution day
d. Be secure to interpretation your favoring athlete which specifies:
i. Joke (running, gymnastics, triathlon, bodybuilding, etc…)
ii. Gender
iii. Age
iv. Height/weight
v. Recreational or Elite/Professional
2) Select the most alienate nutrient recommendations from Ordinance Span. Using these recommendations, cunning a 3-day sustenance that converges the nutrient deficiencys of the athlete.
a. Start by wary the estimated breath requirements (EER) restraint your athlete
i. Appropriate either the Cunningham equation or Harris Benedict equation
ii. Don’t restraintget to apportion material courage factor
b. Next, segregate calories throughout each of the three days (when the athlete should masticate), then point foods and bulk in point to converge calorie deficiencys restraint each day.
i. Be attentive of masticateing patterns restraint each day, span-of-a-trade day mitigated looks opposed than a restitution day. Total calories per day do referable accept be fair, approximations are ok.
ii. Be favoring with foods. Restraint illustration: “masticate eggs, toast, and milk” should be “span slices of gross whmasticate toast with individual teaspoon of peanut excludingter parallel with span scrambled gross eggs with ½ teaspoon of salt with 2 cups of glide milk”
iii. You can interpretation the Exchange guile in your fast cunning if you appropriate, excluding tranquil deficiency to confirm favoring foods
iv. Using an Excel spreadsheet or board succeed acceleration to practise the fast cunnings systematic.
c. Attempt to overspread every of the nutrient recommendations restraint the athlete with foods whenever feasible. Add supplements when deficiencyed to converge recommendations.
3) Confirm the foods and/or supplements you’ve comprised that converge the favoring nutrients you targeted in Ordinance #2.
a. The appearance of this ordinance is restraint you to cunning a fast cunning that converges the breath and nutrient recommendations/needs of your athlete.
b. You succeed be graded on your power to converge the recommendations of the nutrient(s) you researched restraint Ordinance #2.
c. Interpretation an asterisks or footnote, if pertinent, to present which foods acceleration to converge the favoring nutrient appearances/recommendations.
d. Restraint illustration, if you identified vitamin C as a nutrient that you compared from the definite ordinance, asterisk foods tall in vitamin C with a footsilence that states “vitamin C is a strong antioxidant that protects from contagion and is deficiencyed to restraintm collagen to restraintm connective tissue”.
4) Provide a petty referablee (1-2 paragraphs, no further than individual page) to observe your sustenance, written to the athlete.
a. Confirm favoring instructions, if deficiencyed, on the fast cunning (restraint illustration, timing of fasts – if pertinent).
b. Explain what nutrient(s) recommendations you targeted and which favoring foods were chosen accelerationed to converge those recommended amounts.
c. Include in your fact the favorings of the athlete and joke as picturesque in the instructions picturesque over.

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5) Submit: (Word or PDF)
a. Three-day sustenances (1-3 pages).
b. Individual-page fact restraint the targeted athlete.

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