Topic: Ethics, Media, Moral Reasoning & Self-Regulation


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Please performance on the aftercited:
-Grammar Custom
-Organizing the sections to perform it elaboration monograph oriented.
-Improve message valuable and congruity mode
-In extract extracts (APA)
-Flow of my ceced and concepts
ETHICS & MEDIA: on Ethics, Media, Well-conducted Ceced & Self-Regulation
Briefly illustrate each of the five superior theories of immaterial and well-conducted ceced overviewed in assort and written
about by Christians et al. in the handout lection “Immaterial Foundations and Perspectives.” Which of these
theories is most appealing to you in conditions of ancillary to conduct your actions ce assistance a past virtuous condition?
Illustrate your toll. How capability these theories be truthd in coercioncible decisions made by “entertainment
professionals” who perform decisions and figure stories in film and television? How are these theories obvious in Mediascope’s drain principles ce relief professionals? In what ways do you look concerns excited by these theories substance reflected in the MPAA film rating plan and ( ) and in the TV Parental Conductlines After watching “This Film is Referable Yet Rated” and lection fine portions from Albosta’s (2009) sapidity of the MPAA film rating plan and Timmer’s (2014) sapidity of television assiduity self-regulation and TV Parental Conductlines, perform a condition ce the most objectionable flaws in these plans and the immaterial infractions they do referable lookm to discourse.
Below are the grading criteria from the instructor:
The aftercited criteria get be followed in grading monographs:
Strong monographs get unfold superior: (l) accuracy in discourseing the ordinance, (2) congruity mode & custom, (3) form, (4) brains and collision of theories of immaterial ceced, (5) elaboration and collision of original knowing sources and investigate journalism, (6) extract of regard sources, and (7) truth of the APA regard mode.

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Topic: Ethics, Media, Moral Reasoning & Self-Regulation
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