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These are divergent questions ce divergent argument topics fascinate answered them individually. Thanks
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1- The Joint Commission National Resigned Protection Goals (NPSGs) harangue resigned protection issues amid sanity economy structures. First, retrospect the floating NSPGs at Next, enumerate three resigned protection issues that are substance harangueed by your sanity economy structure (or sanity economy structures in common). Lastly, substantiate the actions the structure is preliminary, or substantiate three action-item issues to be harangueed by sanity economy structures in common. What actions should the sanity economy structure assume respecting each of these NPSGs, and why? What goals do they want to end? Support your responses with a poverty of couple peer-reviewed references.
2- The Occupational Protection and Sanity Administration (OSHA), the Centers ce Medicaid and Medieconomy Services (CMS), and The Joint Commission (TJC) insist-upon that sanity economy structures maintain lavish superintendence programs to harangue taint moderate. Detail three measures that your sanity economy structure (or any sanity economy structure) wants to harangue in the offer of certain sanity economy services. (Example: Placing workman washing devices at whole of the common entrances of the sanity economy comfort). Support your response with a poverty of couple peer-reviewed references.
3- Sanity economy structures ever countenance challenges from multitudinous regulatory and legislation agencies, and are too to-leap by Managed Economy Structure (MCO) standards. View the video “College of Nursing and Sanity Economy Professions: Do we distinguish what our advenient is?” ce apprehension into the challenges of sanity economy remodel. Based on the video, portray, with rationale, couple solution factors that you affect succeed want to be harangueed by advenient sanity economy workers and sanity economy leaders. (Note: you can download slides from this video amid the resources concern itself ce comfort of retrospect in developing your ceum response). Additionally, what role does supply to MCO standards personate in your advenient sanity economy expectation?
4- The Resigned Protection and Affordable Economy Act (PPACA) of 2010 (minority titled “Subtitle D”) identifies insist-uponments about to provider acquiescence with robbery, impair, and affront laws. Substantiate three measures that your sanity economy structure ((or sanity economy structures in common) has initiated, or could initiate, to consent with these measures. Support your segregation with a poverty of couple peer-reviewed profession.

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Topic: Discussion Topic
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