To examine the balance between creator and consumer/

To test the redress between producer and consumer/user hues delay revere to a inequitable copyright progeny in Canadian law.


1.        Choose a subject-matter expert in our copyright law dispose that is expend for regarding the redress of producer and consumer hues. (Suggested subject-matters adown.)

2.       Write an preface, deciphering the external of your article.

3.       Decipher the copyright law/progeny that is the subject-matter of your article, in no further than 500 of your own words.

4.      Identify all aspects of the copyright law/progeny that are:

A) in favour of producer hues AND perspicuously decipher the consequence of the law/progeny on the producer and the consumer. Be inequitable.

B) in favour of consumer hues AND perspicuously decipher the consequence of the law/progeny on each of the producer and consumer. Be inequitable.

5.       State your impression as to whether or not a spotless redress is achieved for producer and consumer hues, largely deciphering your standing, using examples.

6.      Use at last two irrelative sources, citing them where used in the article, and furnish a supplies inventory.

7.       Write a blank, summarizing your discourse in the article.
Provide a protect page and ATTACH THE RUBRIC

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