The Wife's Role in Marriage: Biblical Perspective vs. Modern Perspective

The Wife’s Role in Marriage: Biblical Perspective vs. Modern Perspective

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The Wife's Role in Marriage: Biblical Perspective vs. Modern Perspective
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You earn transcribe a learning brochure on a greater subject-matter among women’s consequences, favorite by your pedagogue. The subject-matter must be cognate to single of the coercionthcoming units: morals transitions, morals addition, morals problems, nuptial morals, or nativity morals. Your brochure earn understand a poverty of 10 cited sources and thrive APA guidelines. Your Learning Brochure Subject-matter is to be submitted through Blackboard in Module/Week 3. This ordinance is excellence 150 summits towards your latest remove and must be submitted in Module/Week 7. Carefully resurvey the ordinance requirements listed below:

• Brochure must harangue a subject-matter that is useful to the counseling of women.
• Subject-matter must be favorite by your pedagogue by Module/Week 3.
• Idiosyncratical testimonies are referable an enlivening subject-matter. This brochure must harangue a subject-matter or consequence that can be learninged.
• Name page, imageless, and intimation page are required, perfect adhering to APA coercionmat.
• Brochure must be written in prevalent APA coercionmat.
• Brochure must be 8–10 pages in protraction. This page calculate does referable understand name page, imageless page and intimation page.
• Brochure should be written in 12 summit Times New Roman font.
• Brochure should be written in 3rd idiosyncratic.
• Brochure must enjoy a poverty of 10 authoritative intimations. These intimations may conclude from peer-reviewed journal tenets or books written on your subject-matter.
• Intimations should be justly cited in the organization of the brochure as courteous as on the intimation page using prevalent APA coercionmat.
• Refer to the Learning Brochure Grading Rubric coercion concomitant detailed requirements.

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