The scenario is that you have been made pharmacist-in-charge

The scenario is that you bear been made pharmacist-in-charge (PIC) of an refractory pharmacy (comprising 2 other pharmacists and 5 assistants), in an Adelaide hills town. There is one other pharmacy at the other end of the town. The clientele consists of intermediate –class families and retirees who are melting in to the nearby new housing amplifyments, as well-behaved-behaved as farmers.
 Spend about 450- 500 tone on each of the subjoined topics:
i.    Workplace Soundness and Safety: Outline evidently, delay examples, how you would exercise performanceplace soundness and insurance measures for twain staff and customers in the above-mentioned pharmacy. 
ii.    Teams: Explain how you would growth team fixity delayin the pharmacy.
iii.    Leadership: Outline how you would seek to amplify a charismatic administerership diction to administer the staff, comprising the 2 other pharmacists and 5 assistants, giving details.
iv.    Marketing: How conciliate you determine that customers conciliate cull your pharmacy rather than another? ( Determine you relate to the scenario)
v.    Motivation:  Luke, one of the 5 pharmacy assistants, is in his mid-twenties, and has been at the pharmacy for 6 months. It is his fifth job, having performanceed in sales for a Telco, and after the bar in pubs largely in Bali and London. He enjoys agreeing delay customers on the abundance sole, specially the effeminates encircling his age, but seems pierced delay the regulation of ancillary delay the dispensary of scripts and managing accumulation. His acquirements of pharmacy products seems totally poor, as he frequently asks the other effeminate assistants, or that is the infer he gives you for why he seems to expend so ample opportunity agreeing delay them. Since the garner is known 7 days a week there needs to be some flexibility respecting availability, but Luke frequently has infers to not performance on Saturday and Sunday mornings. He tends to sometimes answer unshaven and says it is his “look”.  In the

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