The Question Suvi is a Finnish national.

The Question 
Suvi is a Finnish social. She has a order in Zoo Technology from a Finnish University. She is assured that there is a shortage of fitted Zoo Technologists in the UK and knows she can constitute a amiable assistance in this ground in the UK. She has arrived of-late in the UK and fixed up a order to prproffer her services as a Zoo Technologist to zoos in the UK. 
She has been cognizant that total zoos in the UK are regulated by the Social Authority of Zoos, (NAZ), and she must pledge its requirements to effort in or for any zoo there. Withquenched registration with NAZ no zoo in the UK obtain pledge her services on an employed or self-employed basis. 
Suvi’s collision to record with NAZ as a self-employed Zoo Technologist has been exceptional. It has been explained to her that she cannot attributable be recorded until she has obtained a pertinent UK modification in course with the 2017 UK Act and that EU mode does not attributable attributable attributable use in the UK as the kingdom has voted to permission the EU and in in the rule of doing so.  
Pertinent extracts of the pertinent EU and UK mode are fixed quenched underneath.  
Advise Suvi on the applicability and enforceability in the UK of the modes in this scenario.

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