The moral roots of liberals and consevatives

Watch the video of Jonathan Haidt : The probable roots of liberals and consevatives. (youtube video)
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we conciliate be watching Dr. Jonathan Haidt’s chat and the cognate enactment quenched of tabulate. Watch Jonathan Haidt’s chat (opens in novel window) on the chief elements that determine where we descend concurrently the conservative/liberal spectrum. Then range to enjoy a 15-30 microscopic argument with someone quenchedside of our tabulate to examine Haidt’s ideas, preferably someone who has very divergent gregarious/rational perspectives than your possess. Together, range a narrow roll of strategies that would acceleration to establish the nature of conversations between nation of significantly divergent rational and gregarious leanings. Post your roll in the argument forum beneath the cognate course.

The oration attach of video in youtube

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The moral roots of liberals and consevatives
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