The Institute of Chartered Accountants website

The Institute of Chartered Accountants website, affect other accounting bodies encircling the earth, announcees notices of disciplinary decisions grounded on complaints despite its members.   
Go to the Institute of Chartered Accountants website at   
Search ‘decisions-register’. Download the final vocational inaugurate annual announce and counter-argument the forthcoming questions, avoiding the allowable jangle.  
A. Summarise the investigations and court-of-justice hearings, listing the sort of at lowest 3 beggarly allegations, despite the members of the accounting vocation.                                                                                                                                                                            .                                                                                 (Word limit: 375 tone)  
B. Explain why vocational bodies, affect Chartered Accountants, announce their decisions. 
                                                                                           (Word limit: 375 tone) 
QUESTION 2: 10 marks  
“Financial accounting propositions such as Balance Sheets, Income Statements and Cash Flow Statements announce departed events. Despite this they are used by stakeholders to perform decisions for the coming.”  
Choose a inequitable user collection and stipulate an model to assistance this proposition.                                                                                               (Word limit: 500 tone)  
QUESTION 3 (10 + 5 = 15 marks) 
A. As a new address accountant, tally to this interpret by a establish manager:  ‘No “bean counter” knows abundance encircling my responsibilities to be of any use to me. As I see it, our accountants may be needed to guard records for shareholders and the Australian Tax Office, but I don’t shortness them sticking their noses in my day-to-day operations.’                   (Word limit: 500 tone)  
B. ‘Knowledge of technical issues such as computer technology is a needful but not a enough mood to seemly a prosperous address accountant

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