The following table provides a summary of the revenue

 The aftercited consideration provides a tabulation of the fruits avowal that would appear if the gang Biovail implemented (i) ‘free on board’ (FOB) Biovail; or (ii) FOB appointment.  Justify the dainty of timing separated restraint each of the six cells in the aftercited consideration. (10 marks)  
 FOB Biovail FOB Appointment Ownership transfers:  Upon shipment from Biovail pliancy in Manitoba, Canada Upon offer to North Carolina pliancy of Distributor Fruits is earned: Upon shipment from Biovail Upon offer to North Carolina pliancy of Distributor Assuming that there was no property, the associated fruits would be earned: 30 September when the deal left Biovail’s pliancy in Manitoba Either very past on 1 October, or aggravate likely 2 October dedicated that North Carolina is aggravate than 8 hours’ stimulate away  
(b) There was anger betwixt the Distributor and Biovail aggravate when style to the shipment of WellbutrinR passed.  Discuss why you opine the variance appearred betwixt Biovail and the Distributor. Your rejoinder should be attended by intimation to at meanest three academic investigation doctrines. (Hint: Concentrate on the open results of the doctrines. You do not attributable attributable attributable own to thoroughly conceive the econometric models if used in doctrines.) 

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