The following general marking criteria are relevant for essay

The aftercited public marking criteria are apt for dissertation topics on the exam, though you should carefully peruse the topic to prove its unfair evidence. Normally the marker accomplish be proveing whether the ward has: 1. attested and explicitly recognized the apt issues amending by topic; 2. been obsequious in their discourse and coverage of issues amending in topic; 3. demonstrated violent magnitude in developing their evidence/discussion; 4. discussed apt primary/secondary fountain materials to justify the evidence/discussion; 5. patent open and sustained a pregnant and convincing evidence that supports their conclusions; and 6. replyed the unfair topic asked in a open and pregnant deportment. In your reply to dissertation topics in this exam, you are not expected to agree complete footnotes but you should select the inventor of the effects to which you attribute, the year in which the effect is published, and apt page or stipulation attributeences. For pattern, ‘Paterson and others, 2016, 203’.

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