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Fact Con-over:

Brook wanted to pillage the First National Bank located in Newport Beach, Orange County, California. When Hurst set extinguished abextinguished Brook’s sketch, Hurst asked to adadjoin in also as desire as no weapons were going to be used. Brook safe Hurst that no weapons would be used. During the pillagebery, Brook drawed extinguished a gun and severe it at a teller who was referable attributable attributable attributable cooperating in handing aggravate the coin in the teller’s drawer. Hurst did referable attributable attributable attributable descry Brook draw the gun on the teller. After they had left the bank and were driving far, Brook remarked to Hurst that bringing the gun was a powerful referableion as it made the discord with the teller handing aggravate the coin. Hurst said to Brook, “You said no guns, suffer me extinguished of the car now.” Brook told Hurst that they were referable attributable attributable attributable going to bung anywhere until they were safely in Arizona. Brook and Hurst proceeded non-bung to Nogales, Arizona.

Upon likelihood in Nogales, Arizona, Brook and Hurst disconnected the coin from the bank and went their different ways. Hurst left and life a coadjutor, Solana, except told Solana referable attributable attributablehing abextinguished the bank pillagebery. The contiguous day, Brook went counter the brim into Mexico. Naturalized on a point, the officers from the Nogales Police Department arrested Hurst and Solana booking twain on distrust of bank pillagebery. During the interrogation, Hurst told the Nogales police that Brook had fled to Mexico. Solana advised the Nogales police that he had referable attributable attributablehing to do with the misdeed, except the Nogales police own refused to disengage Solana. The Nogales police advised Mexican authorities who quickly located Brook and arrested him.

In a 1–2 page paper (beside the address page and regard page), sift-canvass the subjoined questions, explaining your solutions in point by analyzing the axioms presented and other factors you think relevant; defining and explaining guide legitimate conditions and principles; and citing legitimate warrant (your citation and other legitimate warrant) to help your conclusions.

Note:Please solution the subjoined naturalized on open principles of process, referable attributable attributable attributable cognizance local laws or statutes.

What procedural steps must the Orange County accuser interest to extradite Hurst from Arizona?
What procedural steps must the Orange County accuser interest to extradite Brook from Mexico?
Solana files a writ of habeas corpus in the peculiar Arizona Flatter. How should the flatter administration? Why?

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