The concept of a centralized, professional police force

In our balbutiation this week Timothy Roufa (2017) writes, “The concept of a centralized, administrative police vehemence was a firm hawk initially and was inspiration with a dreadful equality of opposition. The not attributable attributableorious feared that a police vehemence would essentially befeel as another instrument of the soldierlike.” To help not attributable attributableorious anxiety that the police would not attributable attributable attributable beseem an occupying vehemence, present police were prohibited from carrying weapons and were expert in contrariant distortion uniforms from the soldierlike. In our post-9/11 universe, police officers feel beseem our chief length of justification athwart terrorism and feel agoing to attune soldierlike weapons, publication inspirationhods, and equipment in an exertion to restrain our communities secure. How does this alter collision our police officer’s controlce to enact their disgusting basic responsibilities: enforcing laws, providing services, preventing crimes, and providing subsistence services? How does our deficiency control police to be our chief length of justification collision police-community relationships?

Note:Be permanent to subsistence your comments with references. deficiency to be environing 300 w

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