The campaign manager for a politician who is running

Antagonism Overseer Advertising Plan
The antagonism overseer restraint a politician who is popular restraint reelection to a collective service is planning the antagonism. Four ways to publish feel been selected: TV ads, radio ads, billboards, and newspaper ads. The consume of these are $900 restraint each TV ad, $500 restraint each radio ad, $600 restraint a billboard restraint individual month, and $180 restraint each newspaper ad. The reception reached by each pattern of advertising has been estimated to be 40,000 restraint each TV ad, 32,000 restraint each radio ad, 34,000 restraint each billboard, and 17,000 restraint each newspaper ad. The sum monthly advertising budget is $16,000. The aftercited goals feel been symmetrical and ranked:

1. The estimate of vulgar reached should be at last 1,500,000.
2. The sum monthly advertising budget should referable be exceeded.
3. Together, the estimate of ads on either TV or radio should be at last 6.
4. No past than 10 ads of any individual pattern of advertising should be used.

(a) Restraintmulate this as a goal programming whole.
(b) Solve this using computer software.
(c) Which goals are thoroughly life and which of them are referable?

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