The assignment requires you to form a new business

The ordinance requires you to mould a new calling and to transcribe a pigmy preface about it (name, services or products, constitutional mould, merchandising or manufacturing, hawk or commercial, dimension, perseverance, etc…) (4 marks) 2. In deciding on the constitutional mould for your calling, debate the reasons for your exquisite. (4 marks) 
3. There are opposed financing options that are available to you to finance your calling. Provide a schedule of at last 3 financing options that are proper and applicable to your calling. (4 marks) 4. One of your financing options is to assume a hypothecation from the bank. Prepare a designed Balance Sheet and a designed Income Assertion that you accomplish be required to inhabit delay your hypothecation application to the bank. (Use dictatorial aggregate that agree delay your calling intention). (12 marks) 5. Briefly explain the role of statementing as it relates to your calling (your solution should embody statementing notification, users of notification, statementing way, financial statementing and administration statementing, etc...) (4 marks) 6. Debate whether financial assertion anatomy would be suited for the managers of the calling (embody in your solution the types of anatomy that can be used and how they are suited). (4 marks) 7. Debate the considerations that the administration of your calling would assume into statement in deciding on whether to distribute receipts or to restrain them in the calling. (4 marks) 

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