Tasks Required to make the following calculations

 Required to gain the restraintthcoming apportionments using the statistical functions on Excel:

1.    Convert the appraise facts into income on a month to month foundation. You should keep 24 income restraint the negotiate and the couple shares behind you accomplished this arrangement.
2.    Mean (expected) restore and type disconnection restraint the supply negotiate and the couple companies. 
3.    The coefficient of diversity restraint the negotiate and the couple companies.
4.    The apposition coefficient between Financial and Construction Ltd.
5.    The type disconnection of income restraint a portfolio consisting of Financial Ltd and Construction Ltd (usurp resembling weightings).
6.    Beta coefficient apportionment restraint twain Financial and Construction Ltd
7.    Assuming a risk-free admonish of 3% and utilizing the knowledge in twain tables authentication the dividend valuation pattern to individualize the offer appraise of the couple shares.

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