Task requirements: You have been assigned

 You possess been assigned an Australian publicly listed aggregation. Using the financial reports for your aggregation, you are required to arrange an yarn that addresses the 8 requirements listed under. 
1. Arrange details of the stipulations and contingencies recitative or unreserved by your aggregation.
 2. Discuss the confession criteria and mass issues associated delay those stipulations or contingencies.
 3. Delay intimation to one unfair uselessness recitative or unreserved by the aggregation, arrange an topic for and abutting the inclusion of the uselessness in the financial report
 4. Arrange details of leased individuals that are recitative or unreserved by your aggregation.
 5. Discuss the designation and introduction requirements apt to leased individuals, and in doing so arrange an description for how the leased individuals of your aggregation possess been presented on the financial statements
 6. Demonstrate and elucidate a collectd office where one of the leased individuals may scarcity to be reclassified. 
7. Select a non-current asset from the financial statements of your aggregation. Arrange details of this individual (including demonstrate the valuation arrangement used for this individual).
 8. Delay intimation to imported characteristics, arrange an topic for using an choice valuation arrangement for this non-current asset

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