SWOT analysis-demonstrate a working knowledge of budget preparation

Goals coercion this week and their connection to our sequence objectives

This week our erudition materials, activities and enactments acceleration you close these goals:

· assess the role that either you or your frequented superintendent play in your structure’s annual budgeting process;

· lowerstand over encircling the financial operations at your settle of employment;

· ponder the challenges that your structure experiences with third-party payers; and

· habit creating a SWOT resolution.

which assists you in achieving these sequence objectives

· prove a agoing lowerstanding of budget provision, resolution and contrivance and an sentiment of the advantages of budgets in heartiness custody structures;

· elucidate the differences betwixt capricious costs, unwandering costs adulterated costs and how these costs result to changes in the heartiness custody industry;

· arrange an unimpeded budget and its sustaining schedules conducive to a unfair heartiness custody structure; and

· awaken a heartiness custody manager’s operation using a similarity of real versus budgeted revenues and costs; requite on investment; and residual allowance.


· In Week 8, you succeed be asked to arrange a SWOT resolution to observe your ultimate budget. A SWOT resolution is an tribute of

· Srengths,

· Weaknesses,

· Opportunities and

· Threats.

To behove intimate with this concept, arrange a SWOT resolution coercion yourself as a professional. Lower each nature of the SWOT, fulfill three to five items. These items may be listed in bullet sharp-end coercionmat.

After the single SWOT resolution has been completed, transcribe a one-page, double-spaced cogitation encircling your SWOT. How succeed you income in managing some of your inside weaknesses and outer threats? As you pace in your custodyer, how can you capitalize on your strong inside strengths and outer opportunities? You may authentication a over singular tenor in your cogitation.

Points succeed be awarded as follows:

· Five (5) sharp-ends coercion 3 to 5 items listed lower each nature (S, W, O and T) coercion a entirety of 20 sharp-ends.

· Five (5) sharp-ends coercion the written cogitation of this enactment.

Click the enactment embody to parallel your composition to the rubric anteriorly presentting it. Click the selfselfsame embody to present your enactment.

Entirety feasible sharp-ends: 25

Due: By Sunday at 11:59 p.m., CT

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