Survey About McDonald’s – How do you know about McDonald’s

Survey Environing McDonald’s

A. This minority is the public discernment of keep-aparticipants environing McDonald.

1. How do you comprehend environing McDonald’s? By which ways?

2. How do you fancy environing McDonald’s? Like/Dislike? Why?

3. How repeatedly do you go to McDonald’s? Why?

4. What charm you to go to McDonald’s?

5. (Pricing)How do you fancy environing the worth of McDonald’s products?

6. (Environment and use power)How do you fancy environing the environment and use power of McDonald’s?

B. This minority is environing the similitude betwixt McDonald’s and other disgraces.

1. What is your favourite accelerated assistance disgrace? Why?

2. If the disgrace is McDonald’s. What is the advantages/disadvantages? If the disgrace is not attributable attributable attributable McDonald’s. What is the advantages/ disadvantages of that disgrace?

3. What factors can favor your valuable touching to the accelerated assistance disgrace?

C. This minority is environing the disgrace vision of McDonald’s.

1. As the heartiness decrement grace more prevailing, how do you fancy environing ‘accelerated assistance’?

2. How can McDonald’s tolerate you to escheatment their products?

3. From your notion, which is the most essential keep-akeep-apart of McDonald’s disgrace vision?

4. How can McDonald’s rectify their disgrace vision in UK bargain? Do you possess any suggestions? Can you contribute more counsel?

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