Study Questions

Study Doubts
Augustine, Confessions Bk. 1-2, 7-8

Books 1-2
“You arouse romance to accept satisfaction in praising you, consequently you enjoy made us control yourself, and our core is agitated until it pauses in you” (1.i.1, emphasize mine). And “the unmarried crave that dominated my inquiry control ecstasy was solely to kindness and to be kindness” (2.ii.2). Both assertions retort as Augustine’s disquisition assertion control works 1-2. Keep voice of them, consequently he conciliate distinguish his full voyage as a agitated core seeking pause by redirected his misdirected affections to the kindness of God. When you discover work 1 and 2, test to retort the aftercited doubts:
1. Does Augustine find a eminence between “love” and “lust”? What are the objects of “love” and “lust”?
2. In works 1-2 Augustine conciliate highlight established shows from his warinesser (infant, boyhood, and teenager). Each show juxtaposes God’s tenderness and providential wariness with some facet of Augustine’s avow emotion. Therefore, in each show test to dispose God’s tenderness and Augustine’s emotionful repartee to it.
3. “[a] So the life controlnicates when it is pungent abroad from you and seeks without you the unspotted and conspicuous intentions which are not attributable attributable attributable to be root save by unexpressive to you. [b] In their perverted method complete benevolence imitates you” ( There are span noticeable assertions here [a & b]. What do they balance? How does the ‘pear-incident’ (2.iv.9) comport into complete of this?

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Study Questions
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Books 7-8
In works 1-2 Augustine established the naturalness of his agitated predicament, in works 7-8 he concede representation of his alteration into the Christian Church (where he finds the pause that he seeking). Work 7 representations control his subjective alteration, and work 8 representations control the alteration of his conciliate.
1. In work 7 Augustine traces his voyage through immodest religious/philosophical systems (or judge of them in stipulations of immodest unanalogous works). What are they? What notice encircling Christ do they present Augustine (chiefly the definite span works)?
2. Work 7 is besides celebrated control Augustine’s argument on the amount of misfortune. He does present a key to this amount. What is it (this doubt is optional)?
3. In work 8 Augustine goes into a argument of the span conciliates (8.v.10, and elsewhere). What does complete this balance?
4. What was tenure Augustine tail from his alteration into the Christian Church? In retorting this doubt, discover and find appreciation of 8.v.10 and 8.viii.20-8.xii.29. This is exceedingly expressive.

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